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Consultation with the agencies, stakeholders and the public is an integral component of this study. The consultation process will include Public Information Centres (PIC) and meetings with key stakeholders. Two bilingual PICs will be organized during the study. PICs are organized to provide information and receive comments on:

  • the need and justification of the project;
  • alternative planning solutions;
  • environmental inventories;
  • development of preliminary alternatives;
  • analysis and evaluation of alternatives;
  • the technically preferred solution for each location; and
  • the recommended plan (including potential impacts and mitigation measures).

The first PIC has and the upcoming PIC will be advertised in local daily newspapers and on this website, and notices will be mailed or emailed to those on the mailing list. The first session was held on December 5, 2017. The second was held on April 24, 2019. While the information sessions provide an opportunity for the public to submit comments, they are welcome at any time.

PIC No. 1 presented the following:

  • Problem and opportunity statement;
  • Draft Study Design (Work Plan) for comments;
  • Assessment of Alternative Planning Solutions;
  • Environmental and technical inventories;
  • Preliminary coarse screening of Design Alternatives;
  • Alternatives carried forward for detailed evaluation;
  • Explain the study process; and
  • Obtain your comments and answer your questions.

PIC No. 2 presented the following:

  • Project Overview and Study Area;
  • EA Process and Schedule;
  • Factors and Criteria used in the Analysis and Evaluation
  • processes;
  • Analysis and Evaluation processes for:
    • Rigid Frame bridges
    • Rideau Canal Bridges
  • Technically Recommendations for:
    • Rigid Frame bridges
    • Rideau Canal Bridges
  • Effects and Mitigation;
  • Next steps; and
  • Obtain your comments and answer your questions.